Tissue Optimisation

The first step in our workflow is always the Tissue Optimisation. This is needed to determine the optimal parameters for an ST library preparation. We have prepared a TO protocol that allows users themselves to optimise these parameters. More information can be found under How To Order.  See also Why is a Tissue Optimisation Experiment needed?

ST Library Preparation

When the optimal parameters for your sample in the Tissue Optimisation experiment were determined you can continue to do a ST library preparation using the same tissue block. A detailled protocol has been prepared and can be found under How To Order. More information about the Library Preparation Protocol can be found under Technology.

Sequencing and Data Visualisation

After the sample preparation is concluded, the libraries can be sequenced using Illumina sequencing platforms.

More detailed information about sequencing can be found under sequencing instructions.

Data Visualisation

There are different open source tools available to process, visualize and analyze Spatial Transcriptomics Data. These have been developed by researchers at the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm. More information can be found on the homepage of the academic research group here.