Does the protocol work with FFPE samples?

The protocol is optimised for fresh frozen tissue sections only.

How big is the surface of a spatial array?

Currently the arrays have a surface of 6 mm x 6 mm.

How many spots does each array contain?

Currently each array is made up by 1007 spots.

What is the resolution of the spots that make up the array?

Each spot is a circle with a diameter of 100 µm and individual spots have a center to center distance of 200 µm.

Which tissue types does the Spatial Transcriptomics protocol work with?

In theory the current Spatial Transcriptomics protocol works for all tissue types that express poly-A positive mRNA. However, new tissue types require optimisation of the protocol due to their varying morphology. For this the Tissue Optimisation protocol has been developed, allowing cost-efficient optimisation before proceeding to a ST Library Preparation and sequencing.