An ST experiment consists of two steps:

1. Determine the experimental parameters doing a Tissue Optimisation experiment.
2. Perform a Library Preparation experiment using sections from the same tissue block.

Tissue Optimisation (TO)

Step 1: Order TO slide, reagents and instruments

You can order your TO slide here. On the product page you find a list of all instruments and reagents needed for a TO experiment.

Step 2: Perform TO experiment

With the TO Slide in your hands you can determine general compatibilty and the optimal parameters for the ST Library Preparation Protocol by following the detailed instructions. Instructions can be found here.

See also “Why is a TO experiment needed”

Library Preparation (LP)

Step 1: Order LP slide, reagents and instruments

After the optimal conditions for the ST protocol have been determined during the TO phase you can continue to do a Library Preparation.

You can order your LP slide here.

Please observe that it is not recommended to perform a LP experiment without having performed a successful LO experiment before.
Certain laboratory equipment and some reagents are needed in order to be able to perform a LP. You can find the list under  Manuals – “Required to do a LP experiment”.

Step 2: Perform an LP experiment

The LP Slide allows you to prepare ST libraries from your sample. We encourage you to follow the Library Preparation manual carefully in order to retrieve high quality libraries of your sample. Instructions can be found here.

A detailed workflow of the Library Preparation can be found under Technology.